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Kidscontent creates content for kids media. Kidscontent also publishes high-quality school yearbooks and is the organiser of Codemaker Club, encouraging girls and boys aged 10-15 to become inventors and entrepreneurs by using code to make fun projects.

Kidscontent Founder Claire Comins moved from London to San Francisco’s Bay Area in 2012. Back in the UK, she worked at the BBC, editing and writing magazines and books for children from 0-13. Having had her fun with Bob the Builder and Tweenies plus a few educational and arty titles in between, she went freelance to hang out with Woody and Buzz on the launch of Disney’s Toy Story magazine. 2014-04-25 11.40.22Claire trained as a journalist and linguist and works hard to encourage and champion tech and media created by kids. When not out promoting her yearbooks to schools or brainstorming the next great app to make her kids believe she’s cool, she writes fiction and hikes with her small scruffy dog somewhere with a view to die for (not that hard in northern California).

Apart from that, she loves meeting other parents, designers and developers to dream up the next great innovation, book or magazine to delight kids everywhere. When it comes to personality types, she’s a Myers Briggs ENTJ (an extroverted thinker, no-nonsense efficient organiser with a tendency to be compulsive). Which basically means that if you talk to her nicely, she’ll probably share all her best ideas.